Pre workout and Post Workout Supplements

Pre workout and Post Workout Supplements

Use pre workout and post workout supplement if you have serious goals. Pre workout and Post workout supplement are not recommended to beginners.

We use pre workout to preform best in Gym. To replenish GI ( Glycogen Index ) level  again we must have post workout having combination of protein and carbs in it. Mostly whey protein is used as post workout because its digest instantly. You must have post workout right after your workout with in 20 minutes. If you need best results the use 2 large bananas with whey protein post workout and it will full your muscles instantly.

Pre workout and post workout

If you are beginner then you don’t need to have any type of pre workout and post workout supplements. But you can use 2 sachets of any brand coffee before 30 minutes of workout. After finishing your workout you can use 500 ml fat free milk and 2 large bananas (200 Grams) where you will get 18 grams of protein and 34 grams of carbs .

If you are working out from 6 to 10 Months then you can add some basics pre and post workout supplements in your routines. Mostly all pre workout supplements have Caffeine which is best to perform better during workout. Second common pre workout is BCAA’s its called Branch Chain Amino Acids which plays a most important role during workout.

BCAA’s supplement has three main Amino presents in it are L-Leucine , Isoleucine  and Valine . The best ratio of BCAA’s is  2:1:1. Its main function is to reducing the Muscles breakdown during heavy workout. Its naturally repairs the Muscles and reduce pain.

So, You must add BCAA’s to your workout routine if you have serious goals. You can use any brand having minimum 2:1:1 ratio in it.To prevent muscles breakdown it will plays a major role. It will convert your body fat into energy and you will not lose your muscles.

If you are planning to losing fat not muscles then you must used BCAA’s. In Fat losing training you can use 5 Grams of BCAA’s before 30 Minutes of workout , During workout and after workout (Post Workout). You will get your results in less time. Thanks for Reading.

Side-effects: If you are using BCAA’s Supplement in recommended then you will not get any type of side effects of BCAA’s.